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The Aims Of The Association ...
Welcome to the Flint Angling Association website. We are a friendly, progressive club who try to cater for the pleasure and match angler alike. Our philosophy is to provide quality yet retain traditional angling concepts for the local community by encouraging new members to the association.
The club is run by a small committee that strives to improve both the appearance of the water's natural surroundings and it's fish stocks by carrying out regular maintenance to the water's foliage, footpaths, fishing platforms and regular controlled fish stocking exercises. 
All maintenance work is carried out by members who volunteer their time as and when it is needed. Perhaps you would like to come and help us from time to time? Keep a lookout on the website's Notice Board for details of up and coming work parties. We would be more than pleased to see you and very appreciative of any help you could offer. 
Finally, we hope you all enjoy your days out fishing at what is a fantastic location, the Mill Pool. Tight lines everyone!!
Flint Angling Association, A Brief History ...
The association was founded in 1984 by Jim Bradley, Colin Blythin, Dave Watton, Mel Bellis and Wes Hughes who acquired the use of the Flint Paper Mill Reservoir in Oakenholt, known locally today by it's members as the Mill Pool. The Mill Pool was originally a trout fishery for the staff of the Paper Mill and along with trout it contained thousands of sticklebacks. Shortly after acquiring the Mill Pool it was stocked with mainly perch and after twelve months there was hardly a stickleback to be seen. Over the next couple of years membership to the association grew to over one hundred and the income it generated allowed the regular stocking of bream, carp, crucian carp, gudgeon, perch, roach, rudd, skimmers and tench. These species continue to flourish and breed to the present day along with a natural head of eels.
In 2001 long serving member Roger Millard was elected Chairman, a position he held until the latter part of 2018 when the current Chairman, Mike Ellis took over the reins. The role of the Chairman and Committee Members involves carrying on the good work of their predecessors in driving the association forward by working tirelessly both on the bank and behind the scenes to ensure the future of it's survival. With the growth in membership the added income has provided the building of paths, steps and fishing platforms around the Mill Pool and along with regular foliage maintenance ensures a safer environment for members to enjoy their fishing.
Other Committee Members: A Pierce - C Westwood - G Grocott - D Hopwood - M Ozbilen
Mike Ellis Chairman & Match Secretary
Martin Carr
Vice Chairman
John Breeze
Peter Ellis
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Flint Angling Association
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